Jenni Knight


Mehr Video Technik

(I just wanna see myself)


The Berlin elections are around the corner: On this block a sign promises "Mehr Video Technik" meaning surveillance. Now shady overgrown spots are all over. You can easily 'dip in' to a private pleasure or wander in the green and feel no eyes on you. Feelings, in public, are caught on city structures and glisten on cultural detritus. Sometimes a reflection of you looking reveals the claim. A skeleton is caught on a passing building, like a zipper, some guts slicked on the chrome. Peelings, from the city, old posters, etch together a body. The fashion of abstraction is high in times of war. Narcissus noticing his image has some buckshot in the room.



Saturday / August 20 / 7 PM

The Duck

Monumentenstr. 19